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Top Ten Reasons to Choose Ranger Sewer

1. Experience: For almost 30 years, Ranger Sewer has been providing service to the Suffolk County NY area and the Military. With just a phone call away, We can have access to other industry professionals with THOUSANDS of years total combined experience who we network with. In short, If Ranger Sewer can't solve your problem, nobody will.

2. Licensed Professionals will only do the work: No other Suffolk County NY sewer and drain cleaning company can say that! You are paying for a licensed professional to be there, why not have a one? Please ask to see our Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs License and we will gladly show you! You must be a Licensed Septic Waste Contractor or Licensed Plumbing Contractor to do any work on a Sink, Drain, Kitchen Drain, main sewer line, main drain or any drain line.

3. Quality: We are the Professionals(tm). PERIOD! Ranger Sewer is the company that other companies call to diagnosis or solve problems that they can't! We are their "Go to" company. We are damn proud of that! Why not just call Ranger Sewer first?

4. Extreme clean!: We roll out the Red Carpet Tarps for you! We are the cleanest sewer and drain cleaning company in Suffolk County NY! We are also CLEAN CUT, Taking pride in our appearance along with our services. We want to make sure that nobody can tell that we were there!

5. Experience to fix or solve your sewer, drain or septic locating problems! Ranger Sewer is a full-service sewer, drain, and septic company, That can handle any drain, sewer or septic related job!. Your drain, sewer or septic problem is important to us because we know how important it is to you! Having good clean drains is important.

6. Your safety: We are licensed septic waste and drain cleaning contractors in Suffolk County NY. We also have Served this great Country.

7. Customer Satisfaction: Guaranteed satisfaction, ABSOLUTELY NO SURPRISES!

8. Client Assurance Pricing! You know the price before we start! (See Client Assurance pricing for the details!)

9. Respect, Care, and Love: Ranger Sewer cares about you and your drain, sewer or Septic problems. We also have our private client service for clients who fit that drain, sewer or septic service area. Your number 1 with us!

10. ASAP SERVICE!: We set up appointments that can fit your day and even call you

Impeccable service guaranteed!

We proudly support the NYPD, FDNY, and our Military!